Direct to Indirect Conversion

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Suppose Suresh said something to Ramesh. If Ramesh tells Santa exactly what Suresh told him, then the sentence form is called Direct Sentence. Whereas if, Ramesh tells everything in his own words to Santa regarding his conversation with Suresh then the sentence form is known as indirect speech. In either way, we will come to the conclusion that Ramesh cannot keep secrets.

Indirect Speech structure: Reporting Clause + that + reported clause.

There are few rules that we must keep in mind before we start converting direct speech into indirect speech.

Rule 1: The verb used in the reported sentence will convert into its past form when direct to indirect conversation take place.

Rule 2: With interrogative sentence ‘if/whether’ is used in place of ‘that’ to connect the clauses.

Rule 3: With the Interrogative sentences of ‘wh’ family again ‘that’ is drop and the connection is made with ‘wh’ word.

Rule 4: With imperative sentences ‘to’ is used in place of ‘that’.

Rule 5: In case of Exclamatory sentences, exclaimed with + feeling is use for reporting verb.


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