Mindset and Steps to Become Opulent

I am back.

Last week due to Diwali celebration, I was not able to read books, and therefore first thing I am up to after festival is to get back on my work. I completed Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing: What the Rich Invest In, That the Poor and Middle-Class Do Not. The book is full of one-liners, and that too challenges the way we think. For example, it says that poor people want high income and low expenses whereas rich become more prosperous by low income and high expenses. By above statement, you can see that how contradictory the above statement is with respect to our belief.

I am going to give you few statement from the book which in my opinion you may like,

  1. Unsuccessful people find their strengths and spend their lives making it stronger often ignoring their weakness until one day their vulnerability cannot be ignored
  2. It’s the knowledge of the B-I triangle that allows a person to create an asset that buys other assets. Once we are good at taking ideas and building a B-I triangle around it, people will come to us and invest money with us.
  3. To become wealthy, we must teach ourselves to think like a rich person.
  4. Goals have to be clear, simple and in writing.
  5. If we have doubts about the people, we are doing business with, and they have pets, find a way to check out their pets. It will tell us their owner’s
  6. If we don’t change ourselves as rapidly as the world is changing, we would be left further and further behind.
  7. A great story must be interesting, exciting and cause people to look into the future and dream a little. There should also be integrity behind the story.
  8. Don’t give our children money. It keeps them weak and needy. Teach them how to raise money instead.
  9. Once I committed to the goal, my mind seemed to find the ways my goals could be possible.
  10. If we want to be rich, we have to know the hopes, the fear, and the illusions on both sides of the coin.
  11. Money is just an idea.
  12. Find out, what percentage of the money going out our expense column come back in our income column in the same month.
  13. Words affect our brain, and our brains create our reality in the world.
  14. Keep going, keep minding our own business, keep being true to our dreams and all our dreams will come true.
  15. You’d better start swimming, or you’ll sink like a stone.

Book      kindle edition

In author’s words, he wrote rich dad guide to investment to change our point of view from the world of “not enough money” to the world of too much money.

Now as far as my recommendation is a concern, I gave you a small insight in the book. If you like it read it. Every action done with a good intention reap sweet fruits. 


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