Why Invest?

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What is an investment? The dictionary meaning of investment is, “the action or process of investing money for profit.” For me, investing our time and effort in anything is called investment. For example, doing gym and playing basketball is my investment which I am doing on myself to live a healthy life. I may or may not be able to spend a healthy life, and it all depends on the chances but what I am doing now is going to increase the probability that the needle of possibilities moves in my favor. Leading a healthy life is not sufficient. We also have to care about money, and therefore we have to spend time and effort on things that can give us a secure and comfortable life.

I explained it beforehand that how knowing the other side of “why” affects our psychology. In case of investment, we have to arrive at a proper and transparent answer to the question.

“Why we should invest?”

According to the understanding of my mind, time is our most valuable resource, and we all have only a given amount of time. The thing with time is that it is always moving and that too in the forward direction. In future, maybe because of technology we able to time travel, but at present, once the time is spent there is no way of getting it back. We also not able to stop it from consuming itself, so why not spend it wisely. It may or may not ripe sweet fruits in the future, but what we do today it will undoubtedly have the power to move the needle of chance in our favor.

Do Something And Face The Consequences Or Do Nothing And Bear The Consequences.

Above discussion leave me two choices. Either invest or waste. Therefore I am in favor of investment and this site is my proof. Which side are you? Comment below.

Currently, I am reading Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing: What the Rich Invest In, That the Poor and Middle-Class Do Not. Buy it at Amazon.


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