A Trip to Sarnath

It was Tuesday when uncle came to my room and asked me, “ would I like to join him for the trip to Sarnath.” I am on very tight schedule, so my first response is NO. My aunt is accompanying him along with there two kids. Uncle informed me that my mother is also going with them and they need a person who can drive in case of emergency. I thought to myself,” Sarnath is a lovely place and visited by lots of people every day. I will also get a chance to click good picture for the Instagram.” Yes is my final answer to the uncle after taking all the fact into consideration.

The journey starts around 11:45 in the noon and reaches there in two hours. After parking car, we bought some banana to recharge ourselves so that we can enjoy the scenic beauty of Sarnath. Uncle heir a guide who, in my opinion, is of less use as Sarnath is too gorgeous to get distracted. The guide informs us that there are four significant sites in Sarnath and they are, The Wat Thai Temple, the museum, the Dhamekh Stupa and Deer Park.

We start our tour from Buddha bodhisattva Ambedkar paving which is near Wat Thai Temple.From there we went to Wat Thai Temple. It is beautiful with gorgeous window and architect is something that is keeping the room temperature moderate even in summer. The statue of Buddha inside the temple is made up of single sandstone.

We move to watch the Giant Buddha from the Temple.The figure of Gaint Buddha is enormous. It is one of the most prominent statues I had ever seen. Wat Thai Temple has the replica of Ashokan Emblem which also happens to be India’s National Emblem. The park of Wat Thai Temple also has black Buddha and laughing Buddha statue. A lotus pond, chakra, and fountain are in alignment with the Giant Buddha.

The museum is the next place we went to. It has original Ashokan Emblem. It is shiny and looks very cool. The museum has lots of statues and things that help to understand the religion and culture of ancient Indian. There are things that look very different still we can relate to, and the Ashokan Emblem is one of them. Camera, phone, and other items are not allowed in the museum, and therefore I have a very few photo of the hall.

Outside the museum, there is a local market. My mother and aunt want to buy something as a souvenir. In India, if you go somewhere you must bring something to the family members and relatives.My aunt is following the above mention rule. The shops are charming and stuffed with the handmade goods. They all look like antiques.After buying few items, we move to the next site the Dhamekh Stupa.

I love Dhamekh Stupa because it has deer park attached to it. The tract of the Dhamekh Stupa is vast.It has Ashokan Pillar, Mulagandha Kuti, Monolithic Railings and Dharmarajika Stupa. It is incredible and very peaceful too. The structures are old but look attractive. There is lots of raised platform near Mulagandha Kuti. I took few pictures of it and moved to watch the actual attraction of the site that is Dhamekh Stupa. It is massive.Its height is comparable to that of the Giant Buddha statue. My little brothers and I went to see deer in the deer park while my family stops to take some rest. We feed grass to deer and bring them close. Horns of the few deer are majestic. I clicked few pictures there, and after half an hour we left the place to come home.

Before I end my story, I would like to inform you that Sarnath is a religious place for Buddhist monks all over the world. It is said that after having ultimate truth in Bodhagaya, Gautama Buddha gave his first teaching in Sarnath. King Ashoka also did a great job in improving the location by his pillars and emblem. Overall it is very scenic and relaxing place to visit. Best time to visit Sarnath is spring season. If you plane to travel there, it will take 5 hours to watch all the sites.

You may need a comfortable shoe for your journey. 


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